North Clinton Elementary is the recipient of a federal Community Eligibility Provision grant. Through this program, all students are eligible to receive a free breakfast and free lunch each school day. Parents will not be required to fill out a free and reduced lunch form in order to quality. We are happy to offer the quality program at NCES.

If your child would like to purchase additional a la carte items, the pricing is below.

Entree $2.25 Desserts $0.50

Milk $0.50 Bread $0.50

Juice $0.50 Vegetables $0.50

Bottled Water $1.00 Fruit $0.50

Ice Cream $0.75 Pop Tart $1.00

Rice Krispies Treat $0.75 Cookie $0.50

Chips $1.00 Cheese Stick $0.50

Parents or other relatives can eat with their student for the following prices.

Breakfast $2.50

Lunch $4.00

Special Meals $5.00

(Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cook-Outs, etc.)