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Supply List 

5th Grade Supply List





5th Grade Supply List




  • Headphones/Earbuds for classroom laptops***

  • 1 ½ inch Binder

  • 2 packs of College Ruled Paper

  • I pack of Computer Printer Paper

  • 1 pack of Yellow Highlighters

  • 3 boxes of Pencils

  • 1 packs of Pencil Top Erasers

  • 2 packs of Post It Notes

  • 1 pair of Scissors

  • 1 pencil box

  • 1 pack of Construction Paper

  • Lysol Wipes***

  • Kleenex Tissues***

  • Hand sanitizer***


***These are extremely important for 5th Grade, and some of these products may need to be restocked throughout the school year.***


Please be knowledgeable that your child receives a free pair of headphones at the beginning of the school year plus the pair you purchase. Headphones are easily broken, but it is SO important that your child ALWAYS has a working pair of headphones in order to best complete assignments in class. You will be contacted if your child does not have a working pair of headphones for school.


Thank you,


Mrs. Amos