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Melanie Gettelfinger Staff Photo

Supply List 




North Clinton Elementary School

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Your child will need the following school supplies:



1.    Crayola crayons (not more than 24)    


2.    6 glue sticks (not the big size)


3.    1 pair of rubber grip scissors


4.    2 spiral notebooks


5.    1 box of Ziploc bags (quart size)


6.    1 large box of Kleenex


7.    2 containers of antibacterial cleaning wipes


8.    1 container of antibacterial moist hand wipes



Please send these supplies in a backpack on your child’s first day of school.  Do not label any of these supplies with your child’s name.  School begins at 7:45.  School doors will open at 7:15.  If arriving at school before 7:30, please go to the cafeteria.  The kindergarten teacher will pick up the students from the cafeteria at 7:30.